Patriot Power Generator – Diamond-X


The Patriot Power Generator Diamond-X Package has all of the great features of our PPG 1500 but can use an external battery pack store even more hours of power while protecting your generator from EMP disasters and includes everything you’ll need to survive a major power outage, with a slew of bonuses.

Patriot Power Generator Diamond-X Package includes :

  • Compact, 45.8 lb. generator that arrives fully charged and ready to go.
  • 2- 100-watt folding solar panels (to double your power instantly) with cells made by Bosch
  • 4Patriots EMP bag designed to withstand lightening, solar flares, and yes, even a full-scale Electro Magnetic Pulse attack
  • DMX Expansion Pack – This battery pack works seamlessly to add additional power storage.
  • Patriot Power Hub – a compact, portable backup-power supply that can jumpstart any vehicle and power almost any electronic device ($99 Value)
  • 25 Foot Solar Panel Extension Cord ($50 Value)
  • 72 Hour Food Kit
  • Hard shell box – Provides rigidity and additional protection for breakable items
  • Soft cover storage pouch – Soft cover pouch to store and protect your laptop or tablet
  • FREE SHIPPING and FREE shipping Insurance! ($200 Value)
  • FREE REPORT ($20 Value) “Top 7 Reasons Why the Grid Will Fail”
  • FREE REPORT ($20 Value) “The Blackout Response Guide”
  • FREE REPORT ($20 Value) “The Generator Survival Checklist”
  • FREE REPORT ($20 Value) “The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid”
  • 72-Hour Survival Food Kit ($27 Value) so you’re not hungry in a crisis! Start or add to your food stockpile
  • Survival Spring Personal Water Filter ($20 Value) filters 99% of deadly waterborne bacteria and parasites!)
  • Survival Multi-Tool ($10 value) that fits in your wallet!
  • “Slash Your Power Bills” Playing Cards ($10 Value) for hours of family entertainment!

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Patriot Power Generator – Diamond-X

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Gives great peace of mind knowing my family is protected in case of an emergency. A terrific product. People working for this company are very helpful and knowledgeable

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I would like to understand the power ouput and the Max load the generator can hold

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