The Patriot Power Generator… unlike any other generator you’ve ever seen!

Powerful, quiet, discreet… the Patriot Power Generator delivers big peace of mind in a small package.

Unlike most small power generators, the Patriot Power Generator gets its unlimited fuel supply directly from the sun. Completely portable, this revolutionary device consists of a compact generator (running on a safe, lithium-iron-phosphate battery) and a commercial grade, folding solar panel. People all over the country are scrambling to replace their noisy, smelly, gas-guzzling generators with the quiet and discreet Patriot Power Generator.

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to know that you and your loved ones had power, no matter what crisis is lurking around the corner? Monster storms or man-made events can cripple our crumbling power grid in an instant. With the Patriot Power Generator, you’ll have the light, warmth, and ability to communicate when everyone else is fumbling around in the dark, panicked and completely caught off-guard.

We routinely sell out of this never-before-seen item, and it can be months before we receive more inventory to restock our shelves. For a complete description and to claim your very own Patriot Power Generator (while we have them!), visit our main product sales page at