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Welcome to! This is the place to read real life reviews of the most revolutionary portable solar generator on the market today. Our customers truly love the Patriot Power Generator, but don’t take our word for it. Read all the reviews for yourself, and understand first and foremost why the Patriot power Generator is giving American families true peace of mind of dependable electricity despite a crumbling, unreliable power grid and natural disasters.

The Patriot Power Generator can be your family’s lifeline in a crisis when the power goes out. This powerful, portable solar generator can charge your cell phone, tablet, laptop, and other vital means of life-saving communication. It can also power lamps and overhead lights, small appliances like freezers and refrigerators, toaster ovens, and more.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes and your power goes out. Rely on the Patriot Power Generator to keep you and your family safe and connected, warm and worry-free. Because of it’s small size, this easily portable solar generator (so small a 10 year old child can lift it) is one you can with you in your RV, set up in your vacation home or remote cabin, and never needs costly, smelly gasoline to keep it going. It’s quiet and discreet, and no one will know you have it…but you!

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Patriot Power Generator Review Home Page

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Best Purchase in Years

I was convinced we needed a Patriot Power Generator after reading/and listening to a video. My husband being a typical conservative banker was a harder sell. However after comparison shopping he decided upon this unit. We couldn't be more pleased with how our purchase was handled to the superior quality of our solar generator purchase! We were shocked at the output of the solar generator, my husband plug-in devices, example: fans, lamp, small air conditioner even a heater in various was amazing! We are prepared in case of emergency! Everyone should have this solar generator and solar panels set-up!

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